Supporting NLTS Library

Becoming a Monthly Partner

Would you like to tangibly support New Life Theological Seminary Library?
You may do so by becoming a Library Club Member.  Members of the Club commit to monthly reoccurring pledges of $15.00.  The benefits of the joining the Library Club include:

  • Lending privileges from the Library
  • Invitation to Annual Reception
  • Birthday Card
  • Free book from the Library book sale

Please email for more information.  All donations are tax-deductible as New Life Theological Seminary is a federally recognized non-profit institution.

Donating Books and Media

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Books, DVDs, and CD-Roms

We have a “Wish List” on Amazon that allows you to purchase books, DVD’s, and CD-Roms at competitive prices and ship them directly to New Life in a few easy steps.  Please visit our Amazon WishList to guide your purchases.

Laptop Computers

The Library is soliciting laptop computers for students to use in the library.  Many students cannot complete course assignments due to intermittent access to a laptop or delay the purchase of a laptop until they acquire federal loans.  At the present time, we have one netbook computer.  We would like to add atleast 4 more laptops to ensure that students do not fall behind on course assignments.  If you have a reliable used laptop or would like to purchase a new laptop, please contact the Head Librarian to do so.

Book Ends

With a growing collection of books, the library needs accessories like book ends to ensure that books are securely shelved.  We need about 300 bookends to keep up with the growth of the collection.  When purchased in large quantities through library vendors, bookends are significantly more affordable.  Please consult with the Head Librarian if interested in a cash donation to purchase discounted bookends.

Bible Works Exegetical Software

BibleWorks is a software for researching the Bible in its original languages.  Students can research the morphology of words, 190+ Bible translations, and 29 lexical-grammatical references!  The Library is seeking a copy to install on the scholarly research computer.  The cost of BibleWorks is $350 and may be purchased on their online store.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Book Processing 

At the present time, the library has over 1,000 donated books that have yet to be catalogued.  We are seeking assistance to perform basic stamping and labeling.

If you or your church would be willing to take on this project, please email the Head Librarian at

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