January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Welcome to both new and returning students for Spring Semester 2012!   New Life Theological Seminary has a record number of students again this semester: 148!  We are thankful for what the Lord is doing in and through this seminary.  The staff of New Life Library is looking forward to serving you this year with a renewed spirit of excellence.

New Computer Workstations Added

New Life Library is proud to now have three desktop computers for student use.  We would like to thank Dr. Bill Fleming, Chair of Pastoral Studies, for donating two computers and NLTS student, Melineze Hite, for donating several flat screen monitors.  These computers have Internet access, printing capabilities, and access to the Microsoft Office suite.  With these new computers, the library is able to assist students who do not yet own a computer and create an environment of sharing information.  This donation will keep new students, who often wait months to receive federal financial aid, from falling behind on their assignments.

Online Tutorials

New Life Library is proud to announce development of its first online video tutorial.  The tutorial was created using Screencast-O-Matic, a free software that allows users to record, narrate, and upload videos on YouTube.  The tutorial covers the basics of using the ALTA database.  More video tutorials will be added in the future to reach to distance education students and those students accessing the library resources after hours.  Please take a moment and check out this video tutorial:

Growing Pains

Due to the growth of the library collection (now at 22,600 volumes), the library staff has been busy creating a new space to house periodical archives.  The storage area has been revamped into a quiet study area and as a new home for the historical books and journals.  While this area is still ‘under construction’, there will be a small seating space and a desk for students to plug in their laptops.  Once completed, this area will add an additional four workspaces for student use.












If you’re in NoDa, drop by for a visit to see the ongoing transformation of the New Life Library.

Prayer Concerns

New Life Theological Seminary is up for reaccreditation with TRACS this year.  This process involves an intensive self-study, multiple subcommittee meetings, and interviews with the officials from TRACS.  The library will be evaluated and must show progress from the last accreditation process (five years ago).  if we demonstrate substantial improvement, we will not have to perform this intense study for another ten years.  Please pray that the library committee will demonstrate to the TRACS officials the spirit of excellence with which we all work.  And for those of you who have donated books and other resources, we would like to thank you again for your gracious donations.  You play a role in helping us excel with this reaccreditation.

Growth is not without challenges:  parking, comfortable accommodations for students in public spaces, and providing individualized attention in all departments, including the library; all these are more difficult with a larger student body.  Please pray that the NLTS faculty and staff will creatively meet the challenges of serving more students.  We would like to maintain the quality ‘customer service’ that compelled our students to choose New Life over other seminaries.

In Christ,
Seth Allen
Head Librarian


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2 responses to “January 2012 Newsletter

  1. Linda Archie

    Looking good Seth!!! New Life……Spirit of Excellence

  2. jeanie

    So glad to see the growth at the seminary! May God continue to bless you!

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